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What industry is this anyway!? November 28, 2006

Posted by alwilliams in Introduction.
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From my previous post you may have picked up on my lack of clarity on whether I am referring to the Digital Advertising or Digital Marketing Industry.   This unfortunately is not the end of the matter, as there are more uncertainties and ambiguities in this definition.  

Before I try to define what industry I am in, it is important to note that academics seem to try and classify everything as tightly as possible, which leads to problems when things begin to become overlapped and less autonomous.  Converging digital media is one of these areas. I would initally say on a whim that I am in the “Digital Advertising and Marketing industry (client side)” and so when analysing the history or key changes in my industry in the next few weeks I will create a retrospective of that industry. 

Is this accurate?

I work for an Internet company but does this mean I work in Internet Marketing or Digital marketing?  Must “digital” emcompass iTV, mobile and other digital platforms as well, or just can it refer to the leading one of these disciplines?  I would suggest that with the blurring of technology that ‘digital’ should emcompass all of these, as the  convergence of digital media will make it difficult for this to apply to one of the above without another.   The increased proliferation of a variety of digital media makes it unreasonable to refer to just the Internet and makes it an increasingly redundant term.

In this case why have I still claimed I work in the digital when I have already stated that I work for an Internet company?     Sulake has already had a foray in mobile; java games, ringtones etc, which comes under the marketing remit. Not only this but Podcasts and i-movies have been explored, which also defines the fact that I do not just deal with the Internet, but digital media at large.  This has and will continue to increase across the ‘Internet’ marketing world, as they increasingly find themselves dealing new media with fresh challenges.  It makes it an interesting time for digital media strategy, as various capabilities and technologies combine to provide many new opportunities.  Better start (or should that be late for) changing the business cards!


The Un-questioned truth of Internet Measurement October 30, 2006

Posted by alwilliams in Introduction.
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In being critical you need to look at what is naturally assumed about a subject and how “common knowledge” is passed down, to realise that certain things may not be as they seem and that changes can be made to improve the situation. 

Beliefs become established over time and are reinforced over time to become unquestioned.  In generalising, I would say that old establishments were more likely to have “established truths” that are adopted as they have over many years unquestioned. 

When thinking about the Digital Advertising and Marketing Industry in general then (referred to as just marketing from now as I believe this includes advertising), which has only really taken off in the past 3 years where now the Internet Ad spend to become a £1bn industry (IAB UK, 2006), you have to wonder whether solid truths have been established at all.  Indeed, can truths become established over this period of time?

Things have changed exceedingly quickly for the Digital Marketing Industry, as technicological capabilities are always increasing and as we continue to learn the best way to use this medium (consistent with changes in many industries:  Technology and how people use them).  It is therefore reasonable to assume that in order to identify an established truth of this industry, it would have to be something that has been around before Internet Marketing was established and yet tied to it. 

The most obvious example in this case this would be how we are measuring our success;  Reach, frequency and response, all of which are numerical and need to be larger to be better (according to all my clients anyway!). Therefore the first Unquestioned truth is;

1.  Larger numbers in the Advertising industry standard metrics mean greater success.

This needs to be looked at however as gone have the days where we have a static 10/ 30 secs with the aim of reaching as many people in the target audience as possible. 

The Internet has given us the ability to interact with the consumer and enrich the communication experience and even enabled the consumer to become an active part of it.  I suggest that we as an Industry needs to look seriously at a form of engagement metric that defines the quality of the interaction, length of engagement as well as the number of people who have seen the ad (which will obviously still have its place in measuring effectiveness). Eyeblaster for example have already moved towards considering these new metrics:


However they have yet to define what makes a ‘successful’ engagement or interaction.  What constructs should be involved in the creation of such a measurement however and do we have the technology to capture this so that measuring Internet Advertising does not become as spurious as it is for event/ experiential marketing?

I will be looking at this in more detail as it is an interest area of mine in the field and I would love to crack this during my career!

Blog; Aims and Topics October 24, 2006

Posted by alwilliams in Introduction.
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hi all and thank you for tuning in so to speak.

This blog is intended to discuss the finer points of Digital and Interactive marketing.  This may be quite broad but considerations should critically analyse the methods and strategies of the discussed topics.  please leave comments to discuss these issues- that’s what it is all about!

Topics may include;

1. How to effectively use e-mail marketing to increase site traffic, reactivation of old users and other KPI’s

2. How to market a product within an online community

3. Discuss the power shift from publishers to the public with the increase of user generated content.

4. Identify company/ industry processes create barriers to effective interactive marketing

5. Look at the issues of trust with the increasing consumption of information on the internet

6. Whether the existing metrics for successful marketing needs to be improved and how this may be achieved

If there are any other pertinent topics please again feel free to leave a comment to discuss!