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A Critical Re-evaluation of My AI July 14, 2007

Posted by alwilliams in Production Analysis.

Was I really embarking on a reconnaissance cycle or was it just another ‘action round’?
(see; June 18 2007 http://www.cemp.ac.uk/macmp/forum/viewtopic.php?t=342)

→ Reconnaissance was crucial and the largest part of the AI, which might make it seem more than just ‘reconnaissance’. However this was the most important element for my AI.

→ This stage was all about gathering ideas from internal stakeholdersand testing the infra-structure needed to embark on optimising our sales campaigns through strategic action

Concerning that it is suggested we cannot measure the effectiveness of individual sales campaigns
(see; June 25 2007: 11:42am http://www.cemp.ac.uk/macmp/forum/viewtopic.php?t=342)

→ Could not use ARPU to compare the first few sales campaigns due to the numerous variables at work that are yet not fully understood

→ Need many (up to 50??) different sales campaigns to provide enough data to start comparing them and identifying the variables that we can start to use to optimise our sales campaigns

I am confused why after mentioning ARPU you go back to using overall sales for your targets

→ ARPU was not useful at this point in time

→ Sales volumes provided the most comparable and useful metric at this stage in the enquiry

Have you discovered any more about the optimal time and length of release?

→ Not really. Of course there is the Habbo community’s and Habbo’s business perspectives.

→ The community want to be able to get hold of an item, but ensure it is as scarce as possible on the site so it is of higher value. Thus there is a balance of releasing items for a short or long period of time.

→ Cannot teaser release of 1 hour was effective at generating exceptional sales over that period of time, yet might have been counter productive in the overall sales campaign

→ Different time scales likely to be needed for different items and to maintain the hierarchy of the Habbo economy via different perceived levels of scarcity of items.

Would imagine that you can continue re-releasing rares until the demand drops below a certain base level

→ Cannot do this as it would reduce scarcity and lose the Rare’s items value

→ Might work for some items as a level of the economy’s hierarchy yet this does not create aspiration of consuming higher valued Rares


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