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Action Plan February 21, 2007

Posted by alwilliams in Reflection.

Personal Development
(short term= 2 weeks – 1 year; long term= 1 – 10 years)

No short term goals as they are so ingrained in and thus unlikely to be achievable.

Long Term

1. Develop the attitude that colleagues feed-back is from a professional view point and that it is not directed at me personally. There is no benefit in being sensitive at work.

2. Change my mentality of situational control to one that facilitates others to work and grow in their jobs (become a facilitator and “good for what” for all rather than simply “good at what I do”). This improves team work and stimulates a sharing environment.

3. Learn not to exhibit frustrations or apply undue pressure on people when something is not happening as fast as I would like.

Professional Development

Short Term

1. Increase the feedback loop from other people at work and engage/ stimulate a more constant evaluation process at work.

2. Understand the concepts of ‘successful management’ and different approaches that can be taken.

3. Allocate 30 mins of time every week for personal structured understanding of some of the key things that have happened in the last week. This needs to be away from my desk, in a quiet space.

Long Term

1. Develop my skills and knowledge of traditional marketing by focusing on a high level understanding of the different interlinking elements of the marketing mix;

– The PR function
– Business systems and supply chain management
– Intelligence collection
– Audience analytics and segmentation

2. Understand the changing proposition, improving technology and opportunities presented by mobile marketing.

3. Overall:
Work up the career ladder to a managerial role in an Small- Medium Enterprise that allows me to grow a business and demonstrate my skills


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