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Initial Thoughts on Reflection February 12, 2007

Posted by alwilliams in Reflection.

I believe there are different qualities of reflection, which achieve different aims (if at all). These vary in quality and their approach to reflection. There is to begin with structured and unstructured reflection.

Structured and Unstructured Reflection:

I have just finished a reflective blog that looks back at the key themes of my first project and what the areas for development are. This (in a similar vain to the conclusion) adopts a structured reflection of the work just completed. There are then unstructured reflective times where we think about things (for example a long car journey as Deb says) or because we have time or something significant occurs that demands our attention (as Deb says when we make a huge mistake and think about how to change this or not do it again).

Structured reflection:
– ‘Self-imposed’ reflection, as I am doing now, to understand if I did what I said I was going to last year. This is directed and has a specific purpose
– ‘Team imposed’ reflection where individual’s successes/ failures are thought about as a team and still requires personal reflection
– ‘Process imposed’ reflection where standardised forms are jammed in front of you to show others (generally numerically) how you have done for the last campaign etc. (project submission form)
see; http://www.ncsl.org.uk/media/C41/A1/PRE.doc

Unstructured reflection:
– ‘Suggested’ reflection where someone observes something about you or what you have done that stimulates immediate reflection
– ‘Internal’ reflection when you actively think about a problem or situation that is bugging you and you think needs to change
– ‘Daydream’ reflection when you are thinking about numerous things, which may include reflective elements or not. Essentially this is where your mind wanders on a very long car journey and too much time.

Ok I made all of these terms up to “best fit” what I mean. These do not say how deep this reflection goes or how they are structured though. I don’t want this post to be too long, so I would just say that there are many aspects of reflection.

– Whether it is directed at something or not
– Whether there is a process created for the purpose of active reflection
– What reflection is aimed at is likely to play an important part (e.g. comparing the loss of a loved one because they grew to hate you will invoke a different kind of reflection than whether you hit last years targets of world domination 😉



1. Chloe - January 15, 2008

Could I add ‘dream’ short ?

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