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How to appeal to a teen audience and achieve marketing coverage with no media budget? November 28, 2006

Posted by alwilliams in Marketing Strategy.

Project Aims:

  • To increase registrations
  • Create a cool PR worthy story
  • Acquire mass media coverage without expenditure


A user centric website will undoubtedly become more successful than one that doesn’t consider its users. A community site especially must aim to listen to the needs and desires of the community in order to continue delivering a product that is relevant and as attractive as possible to the target audience. Research conducted by Sulake Ltd shows that across the board music is the most popular interest in the teenage market and therefore it is crucial we cater for it.


Source: Sulake Sept 2006

Additionally we are aiming at weighting the visits based on the genres our users tell us they like the most.

Achieving media coverage at no cost:

Together with our PR agency we have made this a top story in music news and now labels are approaching us to run visits for them…As celeb gossip is so attractive to teen media titles I have approached them to give us 1 page of editorial to cover the event. Using different titles each time ensures we reach a larger section of the teen audience.A media pack is also sent to the label to promote the events on their media e.g. fansites to encourage registration. This is tracked in HK.

Looking Forward:

We aim to become the top destination for the 12-16 year old age to meet their favourite artists online. Running polls on the site ensures we are always delivering the most popular artists as possible. Our initial hit list of ‘ultimate’ artists is above and again came from the
UK segmentation survey.


Source: Sulake Sept 2006

In the New Year the offering to record labels will be tight enough to develop the offer into a partnership. Development is underway to integrate a music player into the entertainment section to stream in the artists promotional tracks and samples. This media space (with Ad space) will be exchanged for media on their sites to drive registration on Habbo. A revenue share with large record labels is also proposed to distribute their mobile ringtones via Habbo Mobile.A meeting with the directors of Universal have also generated other interesting options including paid for celeb shows in Habbo. A talent hunter is also coming to Habbo to pull a band from the community and will take place early 2007


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